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Make your space come alive

At Portman Garden we understand how to create settings with green spaces, landscapes and exceptional natural surroundings. We use a design and construction process which is highly personalised for our clients. Our company works with architects and designers to transform spaces into living works of art. Driven by our characteristic designs and professionalism, our growth continues to evolve as we give life to our projects. We are passionately motivated by and devoted to landscape architecture. To us, landscaping is not just something to be looked at but also a way of experiencing and living with the environment in a healthy balanced way.

Jose Vicente Albaladejo & Antonio Robles



Naturalised Swimming Pools

Villa 9

Villa 155

About us

Portman Garden, is a company that was founded in 2005 to design and build gardens, ponds and naturalised swimming pools

Portman Garden’s aim was, and still is, excellence in areas of high quality landscaping and ornament, along with the functionality which is also a key point in our creations. To us, landscaping is not just something to be looked at but also a way of experiencing and living with the environment in a healthy, balanced way.

Due to all of the above, we are firm believers in the concept of LANDSCAPING
“It is as much an art as a science and requires good observational skills and design talent, as well as planning, creativity, organisation and imagination. It is a concept which encompasses small portions of numerous disciplines, such as agronomy, architecture, sociology, ecology and art, etc, to handle the spaces, taking into account both their size and the time involved, as living things are being worked with which have their own processes” (Source: Wikipedia)
We like building Landscapes with the idea of making your dreams a reality….


How is it done?


We visit and listen to our clients, taking measurements and noting the situation of the property


After the first visit to our client, we discuss the general idea in our office


A project is made-to-measure with plans, photomontages and inspirational ideas as to how it will look


We visit our client and show them the project, making a note of their comments and any possible changes


The design is adjusted and a quote is prepared for the final idea


Project management and execution with our own resources

Matteo Nicoletti

Landscape agronomist
Faculty of Architecture, Florence
Stefano Benetton Degree Prize

Toni Muñoz

Senior Agronomics Engineer, Polytechnic University of Cartagena
Masters in Landscape Architecture, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Masters in Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University of Cartagena
Masters in Occupational Health and Safety, Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists, Madrid